Women's Health Awareness Day




 February 16th 2019


     Rowan House



10 - 4.30pm

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Limited Seating.


Routes to Healing are very pleased to be able to put together a days event on women's health.


We have decided to focus on the three very female cancers - Breast, Cervical and Ovarian.


Those that come along will leave with a greater knowledge of the three and a much greater awareness of the options should anyone find themselves, a relative or a friend facing them.


Any major illness is scary but cancer undoubtedly throws most of us into sheer panic.

The problem is then we don't know where to turn and what to do.


Like all cancers, age, race, creed, social standing, gender etc are no exceptions to whom it effects and neither are they a barrier to learning more about it. This event is open to all.


This is not a day that will leave you in fear but with knowledge and knowledge is always empowering.  When you feel empowered you are ready to deal with things.


We aim to leave you with options so who better to be our key speaker than


Patrica Peat from Cancer Options.




Patrica Peat Patrica Peat

Patricia was an oncology nurse for 20 years and in her own words 'at that time I saw thousands of cancer patients struggle with difficult emotions: shock, fear, anxiety, grief, trepidation and uncertainity.

For many people, the worst feeling was not being in control -

control of their treatment, their future, their health outcomes.

Also of not being listened to when they wanted to find ways to help themselves 'the sense of disempowerment was palpable''

Cancer Revolution Book BTI-logo

Bury Thermal Imaging will be there to talk and demo thermal imaging and speakers from Star Throwers Cancer Charity based in Whymondham. Talks on Nutrition, Lymphatic Drainage through Reflexology, Massage and Cancer and How acupuncture can help thse going through treatments.