If ever there was a great example of what was thought quackery becoming mainstream, it has to be the Vitamin D revolution. Many from the holistic approach have been banging on about Vit D3 supplementation for years, with many doctors dismissing this as nonsense. In fact we have been constantly encouraged to slap on the sunscreen, hats, and cover up when the sun shines.  

No one is saying that you burn yourself in the sun, but take a sensible approach. The fairer the skin the quicker you absorb Vit D. Darker skin takes longer.


It is a rarity for most of us to ever get enough sun to give our bodies adequate Vit D.

When we have been out in the sun, many head in and shower off, this effectively washes of most of the Vit D. It takes 48hrs for Vit D to fully absorb throught the skin, so avoid the soap when washing. Ever wondered why cats and dogs lick their fur after sitting in the sun!

But as most of us barely see the sun, supplementation is the next best thing.  But how much do you need?


The recommended RDA is about 400iu's per day.....sadly way too low.

Most experts writing on Vit D3 recommend taking around 10.000i'us for a month and then getting a test.  


If you are lucky, your doctor may do it, if not contact the  Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospital via www.cityassays.org.uk or call 01215074278 and for £25. They will send you a blood spot test for Vit D3.


If the test results show you have a good blood circulating level, you could reduce the Vit D3 to 5000iu's per day.


Given the importance of Vit D3 to the immune system and that a strong immune system is the bases for optimum health, it makes sense to know your levels.


One of the best and clearest books I've read on this is The Essential Guide to Vitamin D by Phillip Day.


Its a pamphlet type book, an easy guide and might just contribute to improved health.

Vit D - A Test Worth Taking