Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and reading the feedback from my lovely clients.  


Having been a regular client for about 9years now, in person, current circumstances for us all lead me to try the surrogate distant treatment. I felt very comfortable with the live link up and happy with the privacy aspect. I also got the same colours that i tend to experience when attending in person at the end of the session. I knew my body had received a treatment.


JP (58) Cambridgeshire                                          March 2020

''I had an online link up with Sarah this week, and it felt as though we were in the same room. Her level of connection it seems is unaffected by the fact that we were a few miles away from each other.

The session was powerful as usual. It's an important time to be keeping up with our growth and doing whatever it takes to support our health and immunity, and the ability to do this online, at a distance is an effective tool.''


MT (57) Cambridgeshire                                        March 2020                                                      

''I have been receiving Inner Energy Healing directly from Sarah for many years. Recently the opportunity arose for me to receive an IEH treatment through a surrogate via Facetime. I can honestly say that it was fantastic. It was just as if i was with Sarah in the room. I was able to talk to Sarah and listen to what she was finding in exactly the same way. The treatment worked equally as well, and would not hesitate to have another treatment via surrogate. Thank you Sarah.''


EG (46) Hertfordshire                       March 2020

''Sarah has been treating me through Inner Energy for several years and I have always found it very helpful.

I was offered the opportunity to try receiving a treatment through a surrogate via Facetime. I was able to communicate with Sarah through Facetime which worked really well. I found the treatment worked amazingly well. It was equally as successful as previous treatments and would definitely recommend it to anyone.''


LG (24) Hertfordshire                                                                                March 2020          

"Remote healing worked better than I thought it would. I was able to hear and see the full process of working with the surrogate. Sarah explained in full detail how she would use the surrogate body and how it would all remain confidential between Sarah and I. Anytime she had a question or point she came across, she would leave the room with the ipad to discuss it with me unless I felt comfortable to discuss it infront of the surrogate. I still left the meeting with a positive vibe and felt like my questions had been answered just like I would have in a normal face to face meeting with Sarah. Remote healing is a great way to get through this isolation period but it is a great method for those who can't leave the house in general.

I highly recommend it."


AH (17) Cambridgeshire                      March 2020

"I have been receiving Inner Energy Healing from Sarah for two years which I have found to have helped me enormously with both physical and emotional wellbeing. Recently because of the limitations on face to face contact due to Covid-19, I have been receiving this via a surrogate using Facetime. I have found having the treatment via this method to be every bit as beneficial and would thoroughly. recommend this"


RJ Cambridgeshire                                                                                    April 2020

"I have been fortunate to be a regular client with Sarah for a few years now and the IEH has amazed me every time. I have gone through a lot, and she has rebalanced me every time - reducing my back pain, getting me through the menopause (without HRT), balancing my emotions, soul and spirit.

My sceptical husband had a back injury that did not get better - he went to Sarah, she worked on him with the IEH and now he goes on a regular basis to keep his body in line so he can work.

We have both now had surrogate treatment sessions that felt the same and as if we were in the same room with Sarah. The confidentiality is still the same, and a fantstic way to get a treatment in the future if I cannot drive through pain, lack of time, or weather etc the results are clear with ideas on what you can do to help the healing.

I don't know how radio works, wifi, or TV but i know from the results I get and the pain relief that this helps and I book regularly. During this time of isolation, it is a bonus to still be able to have IEH with a surrogate. It is helping to keep my stress levels manageable along with everything else."


PA (59) Cambridgeshire                                                                            April 2020