Sarah has a practice in Cambridge and in Norwich


The Cambridge base is at 67 Byron Square, Trumpington, Cambridge. CB2 9JL


Tel 01223 - 514601 or Mobile 07508031269


Email; [email protected]


The Norwich base  is in The Practice Rooms


If you are not sure what therapy will be best for you, then contact me and we can chat about it.


Many people already know about Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage, but if you are new to taking control of your health, using a natural approach to your wellbeing and want to know the benefits of these therapies, please ask or check out the teaching pages for each therapy.


Inner Energy Healing is a very popular therapy among clients. People book for this when they have structural and muscular problems, allergies and intolerance's, hormonal and reproductive imbalances, digestion and emotional concerns including stress and trauma.


It is quite unique, suitable for everyone and spans the age range.


If you haven't tried it, you might want to consider this for when your body is needing some help.


It combines basic kinesiology to 'communicate' and a variety of techniques to correct the imbalances that can lead to ill health. Working on reflex points on the head and/or feet.


Distant Surrogate Treatments are also available if you have a mode of audio/visual communication. See page for details.  Fee is £85 



The cost of an Inner Energy Healing session in person is £45.  It would last no longer than 90mins including the consultation. Often the first session is the longest due to the consultation, but subsequent sessions may be over the hour.

This would be the same length of time for the Distant Surrogate Treatment version of this therapy.


Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Aromatheray are just over the hour and cost £45













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