Inner Energy Healing Syllabus

The Inner Energy Healing course is set into three modules covering the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual/Psychological aspects of the body. 



Module Three - Spiritual/Psychological - Held over 4 days


* Building on and expanding Module 2


* Your Third Eye - Recent research


* Developing Intuition/Listening


* Karmic Issues/Ancesteral Problems


* A Self Limiting Belief System


* Strengths & Weaknesses in beliefs and how to change them


* Working with the Heart Chakra


* Yin & Yang Energies


* Working with Stress and Trauma


* Inherited Problems - Inherited Solutions


* The Psychological Body


* Past Lives/Other Lives


* Finding your symbols


* Case Study Work at Home



Further Info

'The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.' -  Hippocrates

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