Sept 30th

Lovely to have Corinne and Penny from our previous course come and welcome our new practitioners.


It was a real celebratory day where the good food and cake added to the merriment.

Accredited logo PRACTITIONERS Graduates of IEH

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IMG_0434 July 2017 Group Pic

Three of our 5 new  Inner Energy Healing Practitioners, Ashley, Esther & Amanda together as they collected their hard earned diplomas.

Lorraine who added this to the Reflexology she trained in with us last year and Karen were unable to join us - we missed you both.

February 2018 IHM (2) July 2018

Meet our 2 recently qualified Indian Head Massage practitioners, Helen and Gabriela.

They both took Indian Head to another level with routines that were not just technically great but a delight to watch, as Carole Preen, the CHP assessor, herself said.

Toni and Helen October 2018

We are delighted to introduce our 2 latest qualified Reflexologists. It's been a lot of work and both Helen and Toni, who really threw themselves into the course with such enthusiasm.

They have achieved amazing skills and the feedback from their case studies both in class and at home was a pleasure to read.

We wish them both much success.


A shocked Sarah awarded the CHP Therapist of the Year Award for 2018.


Delighted and stunned...

October 2018 Ruth and Moira August 2019

Meet our latest two very talented Reflexologists, Moira and Ruth.

Both surpassed the case study requirements and demonstrated immense intuitiveness within their treatments from very early on, much to the delight of their case studies.

so intune are they, they even turned up in the same colour for the photos!