Inner Energy Healing   -  This course is being updated for 2021.  Please contact for further details

Inner Energy Healing is a form of complementary medicine that uses basic kinesiology - muscle testing, as a way of 'conversing ' with the body. It allows the therapist to take guidance from the clients body on what it believes to be its weaknesses and strengths within. The correction and balance of these areas of weakness can take many forms, such as manipulation of the muscle, working reflexology points on the feet, hands or head, using various techniques inc a form of reflexology.


This therapy can be used to help on a physical, emotional, spiritual, ancesteral or psychological level and can also be used to explore generational influences, gestation and birth impacts.


It is a therapy that removes the bias of both therapist and client in the process of gaining health.


It can be used to help people struggling with a variety of health issues, structural problems, digestion difficulties, immune weaknesses, etc etc. It can also help with balancing emotions and our spiritual side - all of which can impact on our physical health.


This is a very exciting therapy to learn and those that have say they never look at life in quite the same way again - a game changer on many levels for the therapist and client alike.

It has developed on from CKT to include many other aspects of detection and correction.



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'Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.' -  Hippocrates

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