Inner Energy Healing Syllabus

The Inner Energy Healing course is set into three modules covering the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual/Psychological aspects of the body. In total it is 10 day course with home/case studies



Module One - Physical Level - Held over 4 days


* History of Inner Energy Healing


* Understanding Healing - Herings Law of Healing


* Consultation & Body Evaluation


* Assessing the Cardio Vascular Index


* Cranial Mapping & Foot Reflex Mapping


* Structural and Anatomical Testing


* Testing the Body System and plotting the reflexes


* Applying various techniques to the reflex/reaction points over the body


* Meridians & Chakras - Clearing an Aura


* Testing for Food & External Allergens


* Testing for Vaccine and Virus Issues


* Supportive Techniques in Naturopathy


* The Why's & Wherefores of Testing


* Clinical Practice on External Clients


* Relevant Anatomy & Physiology (Home Study)


* Basic Business Planning (Home Study)


* Case Studies (Home Study)



Module Two

'Every physician must be rich in knowledge, and not only of that which is written in books; his patients should be his book, they will never mislead him.'


                                                                                - Paracelsus -.                                                                                                                                                                      

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