In 1964, Dr George Goodheart, a U.S Chiropractor, made the first correlation between finding a muscle weakness and using a chiropractic technique to strengthen it.


I hadn't come across this theory until In 2009 I saw David Stevens demo what he had called CKT - Chirokinetic Therapy. We learnt chirokinetic therapy with David in 2009/10.  David was already a McTimoney trained chiropractor. He started using muscle testing along with his chiropractic technique after meeting a kinesiologist and being shown the basics of this.  His interest in the beginning was to test and resolve allergies and intolerances.


In CKT we only used the McTimoney flick technique to initiate changes but we have gone back to our roots for Inner Energy Healing and also use reflexology points.  So we utilise and access many ways to initiate the bodies own route to healing.


Sarah had the privilege of teaching with David and she developed that course so it met the standard for short course accreditation a few years back.


As with all therapies, they develop to include treating the body emotionally as well as spiritually and in many forms/dimensions.


As mentioned, Sarah went back to her roots as a multidisciplinary therapist and in particular, the reflexology aspects.  She found many clients still love the reflexology and started combining the principles of reflex points on the feet as well.  Caroline is also passionate about her reflexology and the brilliance of using reflex points to initiate healing - and so began IEH.  We also took further inspiration from Indian Head Massage.


We are delighted that Inner Energy Healing now has full Diploma Course status. It is underwritten by Balens and fully accredited with the Complementary Health Professionals organisation.  (CHP) It is also accredited with the FHT.


We no longer just use the arm muscle strength as a way of ‘communicating’ with the cells and the correction method can involve reflexology techniques wherever the body indicates.  Sometimes a simple click method is also used. The basic principles of kinesiology are fundamental to it though.


With Inner Energy Healing we are not restricted to one approach but extend to whatever the body feels it needs to heal and where best to access that trigger point.


We have now added another dimension of looking at the body from conception through to gestation and the child within. I’m sure as you learn this way of treating the person you will find many avenues to explore.

We have added other dimensions to the spiritual aspect of our wellbeing and the approach to treating emotions.  


We look forward to seeing how it all evolves for you too.


How Did Inner Energy Healing Develop......

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