Our Ethos



Our aim is to train you to be a confident, highly skilled, knowledgeable & professional therapist with true focus on the healing intentions.


By offering our courses over a longer duration, you will receive greater contact time on a regular basis with a tutor.

This means that as problems, questions or difficulties arise as you train, you have more opportunities to resolve them. Better that they arise while training than when you are on you own. It is through the resolution of difficulties that we gain the best experience and greater confidence.

We only teach small groups and can offer one to one, tailored teaching to help fit around your time for learning.



We don’t want to rush the learning process for the sake of you gaining a qualification. Our in-depth courses are aimed at those that wish to take longer to study but you will leave with a greater trust, confidence and faith in your ability beyond the end of your course. It is  important to have the theory taught, discussed and explained, after all you wouldn't want your dentist, doctor or nurse to have been left on their own for the theory. Ths is where you gain most from your tutor.


All our courses will have opportunities for CPD.  This will extend your learning beyond that initial qualification and will help set you on the road of continual professional development and to recognise the importance of this for both you and your clients.


All of this will cement your confidence in your new skills and maintain a rounded approach to your clients.

'The physician must have at his command a certain ready wit, as dourness is repulsive both to the healthy and the sick.'  


                                                                   -  Hippocrates -

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