Distant Surrogate Treatments

...with a difference.


Many people are familiar with distant healing, the healing that you receive from someone you may know or from those that send healing through the power of thought. They are immensly powerful and yet hard to explain to many just how can that happen. We don't question WiFi even though we can't see it but healings from a far are often wrongly dismissed. This treatment can help with the Physical, Emotional and the Spiritual side of ourselves that come together to make us who we are.


One of the therapies taught by the Routes to Healing teachers, details of which are on this site, is called Inner Energy Healing and in the third module we teach our students how to send distant healing to a client while working through a surrogate body.

Until now we have been doing this without a continual link up through a visual/audio connection.

Clients have called to tell us what is wrong and we have found a surrogate person, another therapist, to send a treatment through and then call them back after with the findings.

Sounds strange...It probably does but let me talk you through it.

It is different from the above in that we can do the consultation via FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo etc, just as if you are in the therapy room. You then get to lay down at home with your ipad, phone etc so that we can have visual and audio contact all the time.

It is important to lay down as your body will be relaxed and ready to receive the treatment.


The surrogate person will then come in and lay on the couch and serve as 'you' while the therapist gives you a full Inner Energy treatment. The therapist will be able to talk to you as they find the weaknesses by using a simple kinesiology arm test on the surrogate and correcting them using a simplified chiropractic 'flick' / pressure technique on the head or feet to instigate your body to then make the improvement.

It is important to us that you feel your privacy is utterly protected. To ensure that, the consultation and the debrief at the end is in private. The reason we use another therapist as a surrogate is so that they are also bound by the same confidentiality aspect of working with clients. We can also email you, beforehand, the GDPR and the consultation form for you to complete and sign before emailing them back.

You can agree with the therapist the level of info you would like them to talk over with you during the treatment, for instance it might be ok to discuss a knee or shoulder problem but an emotional issue might be too personal. In this case the therapist can take their ipad/phone to another room and confer with you in private before returning to the surrogate on the couch.


By this method, you are fully engaged in the treatment without having to be physically present. As long as you have an audio/visual device we can help you.


To Book- contact Sarah or Caroline for the above. Details are on their booking pages via the 'About' page


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