Continual professional development can of course take many forms and not all of them need to be expensive courses or workshops.


You could attend a local therapy group meeting where perhaps a speaker is organised, or it could be you giving a talk to a local group.


If you are in the Cambridge area reading this, then check out  This is a therapist support group that Sarah runs with a fellow therapist, Phil Atkin.  There are meetings once a month and cost just £5 to attend

Sometimes though it is great to add something specific to the therapies that you practise.


Click on the link buttons to see what CPD we have available. This will change regularly so we can offer you the chance to expand your knowledge and share time and learning with other therapists.

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              Medicine rests upon four pillars -

      philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics.


                            - Paracelsus -

Continual Professional Development