Covid Secure                                                                                                                                  Our statement and disclaimer

At these very changing and challenging times, we want to reassure you that both Caroline and I in our respective private practices, are doing all we can to comply with the government guidelines to be ready to open with both our clients and our own welfare given the highest consideration.


We are constantly watching the government guidelines that are of course adapting as time goes on and neither of us will start up again until we feel it is safe for all to do so, once we given the go ahead by the UK Government.


Therapists are very well trained in hygiene and cross contamination at all times,  more than many others i'm sure, so you can expect us to be even more caustious on your behalf.


We ask for your patience that things may not be quite the same when you return, but we will do our utmost to make it as reassuring and maintain that therapeutic environment that you have come to expect and as 'normal' as possible within the health & safety guidelines.


Please bring a face mask if you wish to use one, we have them if you forget or currently don't have one.  It is best if you bring your own water and a pen.

It is handy at present to pay by BAC's but if you prefer to pay by cheque or cash that is, of course, fine.


You will be asked to use hand gel on arrival and there will be hand gel available at all times in the rooms and toilet facilities.  Please bring minimum things with you. Every thing will be changed, thoroughly cleaned and aired between each client, so rest assured on that level. Because of the length of time needed for a deep clean each time, we will be unable to see as many people in a day as before, but we will do our best to see you as soon as we can.


It is very likely that we as therapists will have to wear, at least, face shields, which are better than masks for our work, but it is still 'us' behind them and we both can't wait to see you all again.  We ourselves will be taking good care and monitoring our own health and if we have any doubts, we will inform you asap. We ask that you do the same and if we are all kind and taking care of each other, we will get back to normal quicker.


Currently the guidelines are that if anyone has developed symptoms or suspects they have Covid19, people they were in contact with within the last 48hrs would need to be informed. We would have our duty of care to do that too.


Looking forward to seeing you all and we will work together to keep each other safe and healthy as we can as we emerge even more and begin the way forward in our lives again.


Caroline and Sarah


As of  09/07/2020