Caroline has a practice in Westmill, Herts.


along with a mobile practice, coming into Cambridge on certain days.


Tel 01763 272237  or Mobile 07745395431


Email; [email protected]


If you would like to discuss what might be the best therapy for you or would just like further information, please contact me and we can talk in more depth.


I practise Reflexology in many forms, having qualified in various techniques of this therapy. I am also a qualified Indian Head Massage therapist and Body Massage, of which I have undertaken more specialised techniques training.


I first learned CKT and then developed,with Sarah, Inner Energy Healing, making use of my reflexology and Indian Head massage techniques.

It is great to have a therapy that can pull together many aspects of different therapies.

It is very popular among clients and people book for this for everything from structural to digestive issues, along with emotional stresses and traumas as well.


Distant Surrogate Treatments are also available if you have a mode of visual/audio communication. See page for details  Fee is £85


To find out more, have a look at the Inner Energy Page on this website.


I also use story massage for children.



Please allow just over the hour for all sessions, and about 90mins for the first session, so a full case history can be taken.


The cost of all the other sessions are £45.

If you require a home visit, then please ring to discuss, the journey time may need to be charged for.


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