Further Details for Body Massage

Our course is taught in 30 tutor contact hours and spans over no less than 15 weeks.  Our groups are no bigger than 8 to one tutor and it is possible to teach you on an individual basis so that your learning isn't restricted to group timings.


We can structure the lesson length and timing to try and suit the needs of the group for the majority of the learning and practical sessions.


We strongly advise not cramming the teaching into a shorter duration. Greater confidence in your skills is gained when the learning process is not rushed.


The course is assessed by case studies and a written assessment.  You would need to complete a total of 30 massages that includes case studies you would do at home.


There are at least 2 observed treatments which are known as formative and summative assessments. Here we would assess your client care, consultation skills and massage treatments.


Full guidance and support are given throughout, so you will hopefully not feel daunted by any of this.


We aim to make the learning process enjoyable and accessible.


If you would like to gain a level 3 diploma in Body Massage with us, then contact us via the link at the top of this page and we can tailor a course for you.

Body Massage Course Cost

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