Body Massage Course

This course will lead to a level 3 Diploma In Body Massage.

If you are considering a career in any specialised form of body massage, then a level 3 qualification is a perfect first step.


It will give you a good grounding in the techniques used and application of those techniques to help clients with muscular aches and pains. It will also give you an appreciation of correct posture and how to assess for that.


It is a pre requisite of this course that you have a level 3 diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and that you also have a qualification in Health & Safety.


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On this course you will study the history of body massage, the techniques used and how to adapt them to suit the individual needs of your clients. A commercially acceptable timed massage treatment along with a basic postural assessment procedure and correction techniques.


The course will also cover knowledge of massage oils and other mediums that can be used to enhance the treatment.


To enable safe working practise, you will also study the contraindications to a massage treatment and any contra actions that may occur including what to do should they happen. We look at how Herings Law of Healing applies to the  health and healing of the body.


The effects and benefits are covered and any specific anatomy and physiology necessary for safe working and the therapeutic understanding of the treatment given.


We will look at the impact of stress and learn about Herings Law of healing as an approach to assessing the client as well.


We will teach you how to respect your own posture and safety while working and what is expected from a professional therapist, including how to take a thorough client consultation and how to build a therapeutic working relationship with your client and fellow professionals.




Anyone wishing to study medicine must master the art of massage.   Hippocrates

Further Details Course Cost P1030882