Deficiency in B3 may be a link to miscarriage.

May be some of you caught a story recently in the news about a study carried out in Australia that showed a link between being deficient in a molecule called NAD to miscarriage and birth defects.  Scientists found that B3 (Niacin) can produce that molecule as well. It was a study on pregnant mice.


The lead researcher involved was delighted that here was a rare study that showed a cause and prevention in the same results...  


Is it really that surprising when we are talking vitamin deficiency that correcting that just might indeed be the key?


Still isn't it great that someone somewhere thinks a vitamin might just be the answer.


The naysayers though are quick to point out that this is a study on mice (aren't all drugs tested on animals and we are supposed to trust those to go through to human trials)


They also add that we 'don't know the effects of B3 in pregnant women'  -- well neither do we know the long term effects of flu jabs and other vaccines on pregnant women, yet they seem willing to risk that.  Given B3 is a building block for the body and hence in our natural foods, it would be odd that we need to avoid it.


Lets hope they at least give B3 the same considerations as they do more expensive drugs and not change the parameters to negate vitamins as we seek to cure illness.


I found it an interesting story and extremely interesting reactions from those with vested interests.