Caroline started as a primary school teacher, and the care, compassion and guidance needed for that role, she has transfered into her career now as a complementary therapist. Caroline has been a therapist for many years, practicing a variety of therapies.  

With her teacher training well established, It was an easy transition to begin teaching complementary therapies at a local village college.

Dedicated to ensuring her own skills are of the highest standards, Caroline is a firm believer in continual professional development.These standards are carried through in her commitment to the success of her students.

Caroline has experience of both seeing clients in her own practice and within a multidisciplinary setting within a gym.

This combines her love of fitness with her passion for complementary therapies.

Working in a holistic way, using all her skills, Caroline is a firm believer that complementary medicine can be a part of an integrative approach to health care.

Sarah started her career working in Social Services and then in Specialist Housing in Cambridge, giving a good grounding and understanding of people in stressful situations and just what affect life's problems can have on a person. Sarah has been a practising therapist since 1999, when she decided to retrain and follow her other passion of natural health. She has taught various complementary therapies and supportive subjects at the local regional college and various village colleges since 2003. Sarah co-ran a therapy support group for the FHT for 6 years, and then co-ran Medella, a local therapist support group in Cambridge for 7years, Medella provided opportunities for therapists to gain CPD points by attending talks and training days. Under the umbrella of CICHealth, she organised various larger events including Well Woman Health Days and a Cancer Convention in Birmingham.

Since 2015, Sarah and Caroline formed Routes to Healing so as to teach their own courses. A venture which is expanding in 2019

Forever promoting the benefits of complementary therapies, Sarah is a passionate therapist and teacher and currently splits her time between Cambridge and Norwich.

Caroline Prudames (Co-founder & Lecturer)

Sarah Yow (Co-founder & Lecturer)

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